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Trusting the Process

Initially, Noelle (@nail.noir) asked me to focus a blog post on clearing space - and I did write one, but it wasn’t flowing for me today. So, we’re scrapping that and focusing on something else for now! Sorry, Noelle.

In 2021, I was in a weird spot - weren’t we all? I had this nudging feeling that I really wanted to work in Downtown Overland Park. My friend Ellen owns a catering company there, and I felt an inexplicable pull to be around her. I didn't quite understand it at the time. It felt completely unattainable to work for her, since I (seemingly) had no relevant experience.

On Saturday mornings during the farmers’ market, my husband (@mattysmugs) would throw pottery outside of Ellen’s shop. One particular Saturday, Ellen and I got to chatting. She was telling me how she had started catering lunches for the Kansas City Women’s Soccer team (now KC Current). We eventually started discussing the nutritional aspect - as I used to be a holistic health coach.

Later that night, Ellen texted me and asked if I would be interested in working for her - I was flattered and excited!

When I started working for Ellen, I started to feel spirit come through every day. Little did I know, the reason I was supposed to come work for Ellen was to connect her with her mom.

Her mom had passed away and came through often. There were other coworkers that connected with loved ones as well. They gave me flexibility, patience, and the space to learn and do my thing. I believe that was the real reason I was called there.

I learned so much about food and Spirit during that time. I know now that it was Ellen‘s mom who connected us; she brought me there for a reason. Eventually, I stopped feeling her as much. I thought there was something wrong with my abilities.

After a period of time, I went through a Dark Night of the Soul and a Kundalini Awakening - deeply visceral experiences. All kinds of things were stirring up raw emotions. I had a lot of crying spells. Luckily, Ellen and her team gave me the flexibility to step out when I needed a moment. I was very confused about what was happening to me, because I tend not to be that open with my emotions.

I was not in a good spot. During that time, Ellen let me take some time off to figure things out. So, I went and got a reading with Noelle. I was so lucky she let me come in on a Sunday! She said that her guides and my guides knew it was important.

I came in for the reading, and we didn't skip a beat. We ended up talking for hours! Noelle is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside - truly an amazing person. I am so lucky that she shares her light with me. (I know, I know - I sound like a total a** kisser! But seriously, that’s how I feel about her!)

After that reading, Noelle asked me point blank, why don’t you just come work for me? I have never felt so happy!

That being said, I didn’t know what working with Noelle was gonna look like. I didn't know all the details - my Virgo placements need the details - but at a certain point, I just knew to trust Spirit. I spent most of my life not trusting the process. This time, I was trusting.

When I had my last day with Ellen, her mom came through and told me goodbye. I knew she wasn’t showing up anymore for a reason; it was as if she was telling me you’re ready to move on. I cannot thank her mom enough for supporting me through that time and showing me how to trust in my abilities. Thank you, Christine, you're an amazing person.

In December I came to work for Noelle. My abilities have only strengthened since then, and I love everyone I work with. This is an amazing environment for me. Everyone is so welcoming.

I’m here now - just riding the wave and trusting spirit. I am learning to trust myself more and more each day - and doing so in a supportive place, where I can help whoever needs support. It’s part of my journey to be here, and I feel called to stay here.

Today, I wanted to share an important part of my story: how I got here! It may have been a little long-winded, but it is an important part of my story just how easily these two jobs just landed for me. The universe was like, You’re not trying, Ashley, so we’re really gonna have to spell it out for you:

Here’s one...

and here’s another one.

You’re not getting it! This is what you are called to do.

Okay, Universe, I get it. And at the end of the day, we all just need to trust in ourselves a little bit.

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