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Five ways to ground yourself


Have you ever felt like your head is in the clouds? Do you feel disconnected to your body at times?  Do you suffer from intrusive thoughts, or anxiety?  If you answered yes to any of these questions a grounding technique might be beneficial for you.


What is grounding anyway?  Grounding is balancing out the spiritual and physical energy in your body by connecting with the earth.  The energy signatures for 2023 are moving fast right now. You may feel extra tired, or you may feel energetic AF, either way we all can benefit from grounding.  I recommend this if you are a sensitive, empath, intuitive, starseed, light worker, or anybody that deals with people one on one.  Being grounded will help you honor your own energy so you can feel more stable and balanced.  Here are 5 ways that are easy to do for me, so I thought I would share!


I. Hug a Tree

Yup, your neighbors might think you’re crazy!  Hugging a tree helps ground in your energy.  There is loads of evidence about how beneficial forest bathing is, so you should try it. 

Give that tree your unwanted energy you want to get rid of, and feel the stability of the tree, the roots growing deep into the ground and give all your worries away. 


2. Walk in the grass barefoot. 

This by far is the easiest way to ground yourself.  Go right out your front door and soak in the sensations on your feet.  Imagine your feet have roots growing into earth connecting you from the inside out.  Even stomping your feet will help.


3Dirt therapy. 

Go right outside and dig in the dirt. Do yard work or get some new plants. Being literally in touch with nature grounds you.  I’ve found myself not in a great mood and ended up buying a new house plant and repotting it with soil and getting my hands dirty has significantly improved my mood. Even burying your crystals in the yard to recharge them is a way to be in touch with mother earth.    


4. Cord energy.

I think this one helps me the most!  You can do this anywhere; sitting in your car, during mediation, or even before you fall asleep.  You close your eyes and take deep breaths and imagine a cord from your root chakra going all the way down through the earths crusts to the core.  Imagine your cord connecting with the earths heart center.   You are being held by the earth.  You can also use this method to get rid of any stagnant or negative energy, giving it to the earth to transmute it.  


5. Crystal work. 

Wearing or having pocket crystals that have naturally grounded energy can help you feel grounded.  Smoky quartz, black obsidian, tourmaline, carnelian are a few of my favorites.  Our root chakra is the color red so any red crystal, such as red jasper can help you. We sell a wide variety of crystals at Nail Noir so if you need any help selecting some we would be happy to help.  


Connecting ourselves to the earth and stabilizing that energy not only is beneficial for our health, sleep, and mental wellbeing; it’s great for us to connect to our higher selves.  After you read this you might recognize some ways you already naturally ground yourself, you probably have been doing it your whole life.  Keep doing it!  Not only does grounding yourself feel good it has so many benefits such has lowering inflammation, reducing stress, and improving sleep.

I’m always up for new ways of learning so if you have a grounding technique that works for you please share!  What works for you?


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1 Comment

Sarah Ruth Frey
Sarah Ruth Frey
Feb 03, 2023

Love this! Staying grounded in the winter feels so much harder, so thank you for the ideas!

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